McKitrick House Inn Bed and Breakfast becomes a reality for Sheila Kalyn.

As a child growing up in London, Ontario, Orangeville's Sheila Kalyn was greatly impressed by the warmth and hospitality of an elderly neighbor who ran a guest house.

That admiration turned into a dream for Sheila- a dream of one day restoring an historic house and turning it into a Bed and Breakfast.

After much restoration from family, friends, the community, and a couple of dear women, Orangeville's only 'In Town Inn' a Gothic Revival-style Victorian house opens the doors to all as a Bed and Breakfast.

The 1871 home was purchased by Alexander Dunlop McKitrick, the son of Irish immigrants.

In 1894 Alexander McKitrick became owner and editor of The Sun Newspaper, working from his home on the paper, he renamed the paper, The Orangeville Banner, which is still in existence and printing two weekly issues.

Alexander McKitrick also served on town and county councils and became Mayor of Orangeville.

As Sheila was discovering more about this property through Town archives at the Dufferin County Museum, she was led to a published book on historical homes in the area, 'If The Walls Could Talk'. In this book it revealed to Sheila that the house does has a wonderful history, and worthy of being resurrected. It was already known through history as, 'The McKitrick House' and Sheila was inspired further to share the history of this home to the community and others beyond its boundaries.

Sheila was also informed that Mr. McKitrick's daughter, Helen was living in the town still and very active in the museum and that she would enjoy sharing stories of growing up in the house.

Helen was contacted and visited with several times by Sheila, and was entrapped with Helen's storytelling, descriptions of how the rooms in the house once were ,and asked Helen permission for the use of her family name to call the bed and breakfast. Helen was thrilled and also felt that her father would approve and be honoured .

For Sheila that childhood dream came true. McKitrick House was restored authentically from Helen's memories and photos and by numerous people who believed in this dream.

McKitrick House Inn Bed and Breakfast and the Kalyn family are awaiting your arrival to "Experience the In Town Inn".

I am grateful to so many for all their love, and support of my dream. A heartfelt thank you to all.

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